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Roll in the Cage 7
Culpepper vs Smittle
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On May 26th Roll in the Cage 7 is live on FITE straight from the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center in Shawnee, OK. In the main event of the evening Aaron Culpepper takes on Wade Smittle. Who will come out on top?

Check the full fight card below:

180lbs Wade Smittle vs Aaron Culpepper - Black Belt, No Gi
200lbs Derrick Adkins vs Kris Vereen - Black Belt, Gi

160lbs Santos Vargas vs Michael Speal - Black belt, No Gi
170lbs Tommy Shultz vs James White - Black Belt, No Gi

210lbs Kelvin Rayford vs Jeremy Veley - Brown Belt, No Gi
180lbs Nathan Shirley vs Zac Julian - Blue Belt, No Gi

140lbs Alvaro Ferri vs Gage Nolan - Blue Belt, No Gi
160lbs Daniel Cavillo vs Conner Howse - Blue Belt, No Gi

155lbs Michael Schaecher vs Braden Dale - Blue Belt, No Gi
150lbs Tyler Luke Wegmann vs Jessie Gilley - White Belt, No Gi

110lbs Rachel Williams vs Emma Skinner - White Belt, No Gi
70lbs Gage Smith vs Cayden Dunn - No Gi

80lbs Daniel Wilson Webb vs Alder Atkins - No Gi
135 Reese Risner vs Zechariah Tecumseh - No Gi

170lbs Blake Williams vs Bryce Olvera - No Gi
165lbs Kevin Pitts vs Sam Navarro - Gi

50lbs Jenson Overton vs Jake Harrod - Gi
145lbs Nathan Williams vs Charles Floyd - Blue Belt, No Gi

235lbs Steve Mize vs Josh Biser - Blue Belt, No Gi
80lbs Analeigh Reyes vs Isabella Martinez - No Gi

85lbs Kenzie Sutton vs Ahriah Adkins - No Gi
70lbs Luke Gill vs Julius Daba - Gi
165lbs Nick Cruz vs Jonathan Gary - Purple Belt, No Gi

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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