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Australia vs Europe
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On December 9th Senshi arrives at the Dom's Social Club in Melbourne, Austalia and will be live on FITE. This special edition of Senshi feature clashes between top Australian and top European fighters. There will be 10 international matches - 6 full contact karate and 6 kickboxing. Stay tuned, more information will be announced shortly!

Fight 10
Aaron Goodson vs Maikel Astur

Fight 9
River Daz vs Ognyan Mirchev

Fight 8
Stefan Stamatakos vs Aleksander Yordanov

Fight 7
Dassakorn Saton vs Rosen Nyagolov

Fight 6
Alessandra de Sa vs. Aneta Meskauskiene

Fight 5
Nathan Phillips vs Kevin Cid

Fight 4
Zayn Timev vs Vasil Dimitrov

Fight 3
Genci Sulaj vs Nikolay Zotev

Leanne Stewart vs Heyley Rowland's

Fight 1
Samuel Shields vs. Szymon Olpinski

Poster and Selected Action

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