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Blue Collar Wrestling
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Sometimes you get an unexpected gem of a show when you're least expecting it. This house show was held on October 22nd, 2017 and featured a stacked card that we felt had to make it to TV, somehow. Thankfully with the help of a few well placed action cameras, we were able to capture the action and bring it to you in this hour and 40 minute long special! Just a few highlights include Lance Dean facing Tommy Celcious as their war wages on! The return of "The Magnetic" Jimmy Boy in what could end up being his last show for BCW after a horrifying neck injury suffered at the hands of Brian Armstrong! A death-defying three way dance between Heritage champion Badd Blood and challengers Justex Citing and the returning Adam X! Pacific Northwest Heavyweight champion Gregor Petrov is challenged by J.B. Moonshine! Zack Winters' Freakshow seeks to reclaim the Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles, with new member MEAT teaming with Big Vicious to challenge The Natural Born Outlaws, Tex Thompson and Mac Trager!

Poster and Selected Action

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