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FQBO Boxe-Quebec, June 3, Session 2, Red Ring
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 3rd is the second session of Quebec Open live on FITE! Tune in for all the action in the Red Ring right here! Stay tuned.

24. Oliver McLuskie vs W/O
25. Racim Benaoudia vs Suriya Kumaresmy
26. Leo Poulin vs Jakob Desormiers
27. Christopher Courtois vs Noah St-Pierre
28. Cedrick Marineau vs Timujin Quimado
29. Julian Agelakis vs Alexis Montoya
30. Mauricio Blain vs Simon Gilbert
31. Felyx Boissonnault vs Nolann Blais
32. Massimo Alberton vs Izak Hudon
33. Hugo Simard vs Odes Besultanov
34. Maxim Boilard vs W/O
35. Marc-Alexandre vs W/O
36. William Mirandette vs Brett Padian
37. Olivier Gaudet vs Jack Macdonald
38. Nathan Gariepy vs Aayan Khokhar
39. Samuel Crochetiere vs Saad Iahna

Subject to Change

Poster and Selected Action

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