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FQBO Boxe-Quebec, June 3, Session 2, Blue Ring
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 3rd is the second session of Quebec Open live on FITE! Tune in for all the action in the Blue Ring right here! Stay tuned.

24. Manuel Maga vs Zacharie Dupis
25. Joshua Wakenge vs Holky Kuete
26. Gurvir Mann vs Leo Tremblay-Bouchard
27. Annule vs Annule
28. Annule vs Annule
29. Kabir Pigniat vs Samuel Roy
30. W/O vs Nikenson Denis
31. Fernado Avila vs Daniel Urylov Bomanda
32. David Langelier vs Ghassan Aachiq
33a. Philippe Dumont Bouffard vs Joa Bento
33b. Jean William Bechard vs Bennu Abraham
34. Maxime Guerin vs Jonathan Allen
35. Jean-Philippe Beliveau vs Francois Linteau
36. Mar Flowler vs Stephan Gagne

Subject to Change

Poster and Selected Action

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