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Global Legion FC 16
Andrew Richardson vs Pablo Caballero
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Global Legion FC 16 is coming live on FITE on September 26th with Battle of the Bridges! The fight card will be announced soon! Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

Andrew Richardson vs Pablo Caballero
Ryder Newman vs Brandon Lopez
Lazar Stojadinovic vs Carlos Guerra
Claudia Zamora vs Hannah Summers
Marcos Lloreda vs Floyd Jones
Johnny Baldridge vs Vinney Pantaleon
Justin Vazquez vs Ty Kalista
Jose Luis vs Damian Attie
Rashad Jones vs Ty McLeod
Iron Alvarez vs Marcelo Williams
Chris Rodriquez vs Olu Brinson
Tyler Smith vs Bryan Cromer
Maximo Nunez vs Mark Frisk

Subject to Change

Poster and Selected Action

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