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Roll in the Cage 4
Rundle vs Lindsay
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On February 11th Roll in the Cage 4 is live on FITE! The main event if the evening is Kelly Rundle vs Jeff Lindsey in 205lbs division in the Black Belts with No Gi rules.

Check the full fight card below:

Main event:
205lbs Kelly Rundle vs Jeff Lindsey – Black Belt, No Gi

145lbs Jeremiah Mendez vs Randy Ray – Black Belt, No Gi
175lbs Jason Greer vs Wade Smittle – Brown Belt, No Gi
165lbs Justin Hobbs vs James White – Brown Belt, No Gi
200lbs Danny Bull vs Victor Racklift – Brown/Purple Belt, No Gi

145-155lbs Rylan Smith vs Jett Thompson – Blue/Green Belt, No gi
150lbs Tasha Druggan vs Sabrina De Armond – Purple Belt, No Gi
170lbs Palladin Scoggins vs Fabian Ford – Purple Belt, No Gi
165lbs Rick Vaca vs Jess Carlson – Purple Belt, Gi

145lbs Mason Stritzel vs Parker Kirk – Yellow/Orange Belt, Gi
150lbs Pablo Veloquio vs Jerry Lopez – Blue Belt, No Gi
220lbs Aaron Radcliff vs Glen Woods – Blue Belt, Gi
155lbs Cody Burruss vs Jose Garcia – Blue Belt, No Gi

145lbs Chelsey Coleman vs Bianca Viggiani – Blue Belt, Gi
135lbs Emma Arnold vs Tina Lewis – Blue Belt, Gi
155lbs Zakke Hoelscher vs Michael Smith – Blue Belt, No Gi
140lbs Velvett Gunstacks vs Elizabeth Alfaro – White Belt, No Gi

Super Heavyweight Colton Alan vs Thomas Oglesby – White Belt, Gi
140lbs Jesse Huber vs Madison Keeling – White Belt, No Gi
175lbs Drew Lipton vs Wesley Drain – White Belt, No Gi
160lbs Michael Halsey vs Tyler Logan White Belt, No Gi

170lbs Anne-Marie Petty vs Ashley Medders – White Belt, No Gi
165lbs Colton Keith vs Jaxon Flaming – White Belt, No Gi

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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