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Rage in the Cage OKC 68
Ronzo Westelline vs Austin Riggin
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card

Pro 170lbs Ronzo Westelline vs Austin Riggin
Pro KB 155lbs Emilio Gatewood D vs Dustin Freeman D
Ammy Hvy Title Jakob Gaither 4-0 vs Ras McAdams 4-1
NoGI Robert Storkson vs Karl Wolfwood
Hvy Bryan Satepeataw 3-4 vs Grant Love 2-3
135lbs Alex Moffitt 1-2 vs Jonathan Lafitta 2-0
205lbs Eric Pahcoddy 1-3 vs Chazzlyn Kalinich 1-1
Hvy William Connelly 0-1 vs Brandon Vanvleck 1-0
135lbs Steven Fernandez 1-0 vs Jahaven Morse 2-1
175lbs Matt Southern 0-2 vs Ben Greenwood D
150lbs Jeremy White 1-1 vs Deajour Kelly D
155lbs Joey Mangham vs Dan Weber 1-0
145lbs Mateo Guiterrez D vs Jonathon Warnock
125lbs Jacob Benevides D vs Erik Carrillo D

Poster and Selected Action

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