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Men of War 3
Official Replay

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    Dead Serious MMA 
  • Venue
    iPlay America, Freehold, NJ, United States
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* Available in the United States
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Saturday Night Sept 15th Come check out the Tri-State Areas fastest growing Pro Grappling event as Men of war 3 comes to you live from iPlay America with over 30 Matches!!! See your favorite fighter for tickets you won't want to miss the action!

Anthony Colalilo vs Jeff Amendola 140-150
Nick Rodriguez vs Gil Isabel Heavyweights
John Ehrhardt vs Jimmy Flaherty Heavyweight
Mike Dekessian vs Evilson Fernandes 170-180
Marcelo Cohen vs Jimmy Santiago 115-125
Edmir Sokoli vs Steven Tongur 180-190
Sam Micale vs Nicholas Bray 125-135
Will Dill vs Jon Crow 150-160
Kamilio Oliveras vs Aidan Kilpatrick 160-170
Aidan Phillips vs Anthony Dill 135-145
Robert Preston vs RJ Starch 140-150
Ryan Galka vs Spyros Schirripa 135-145
Suzanne Dibenidetto vs Criszaida Adames 115-125
Kirk Breneman vs Patrick Simpton 160-170
Ali Johnsen vs Jaiden Smith 115-125
Ross Richardson vs Nick Kracsun 170-180lbs
Simom Tang vs Vincent Morro 150-160
Andrew Kochel vs Juan Payan 150-160
Joshua Collado vs Grant Frederick 160-170
Nate Fultz vs John Battle 150-160
Josh Jorge vs Jojo Samaritan 80-90

Poster and Selected Action

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