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Montreal Fight League 10
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


MONTRÉAL FIGHT LEAGUE (MFL) is a dominant Martial Arts event bringing together the best FIGHTERS from around the country. In MMA , K1 ,Muay thai and Jiu jitsu!

Fight Card:
17. Corey Guitard vs Charles Macdonald - BJJ Title
16. Steven Stewart vs Vincent Gilson - MMA Title
15. Francis Monongo vs Greg Beland - Muay Thai Title
14. Louis-P Caron vs Jeff Fuchs
13. Ali Mehdinia vs Russell Niere
12. Adam Wayne vs Hollis Huggins
11. Francesco lepore vs Alejandro Lopez
10. Marco Page vs JP Provost
9. Tacari Howe vs Derek Lamadeleine
8. Anas Ghadfi vs Walid Ghomari
7. Alice Lepage vs Darian Moniz
6. Robin Singh vs Will Emile
5. Gabriel Tabet vs Oliver B. Kubiak
4. Tacari Tabet vs Emile Borduas
3. CJ Reinhardt vs Wilclif Louis
2. Angel Racicot vs Thierry Fournier
1. Jamesky Bastien vs Craig Powers

Poster and Selected Action

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