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Montreal Fight League 11
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


MONTRÉAL FIGHT LEAGUE brings together the best FIGHTERS from around the country. In MMA , K1 ,Muay thai and Jiu jitsu!

17. Anderson Dessources vs Dylan Lessine ** K1 Title
16. Bruce Miano vs Ross Erickson - BJJ
15. David Dao vs Tommy Morrission - MMA


14. Sumeet Gill vs Marc-Alan Leblanc - K1
13. James Banville vs Simon Lesard - BJJ
12. Wesley Taylor vs Sebastien Boule - MMA
11. Johnny Stacy vs Will Emile - MMA
10. Jonathan St-Amour vs Fabrice Ferland - BJJ
9. Forrest Ayers vs Claude Lidji - MMA
8. Mouad Ac vs Pascal Boisvert - MMA


7. Pat Arseneau vs Lugman Abdi - BJJ
6. Jeff Fuchs vs Wilclif Louis - MMA
5. Ryan Glover vs Vince Guenette - MMA
4. Gabriel Cote vs Mohanad Al-Nakeeb - BJJ
3. Ryan Hollenbeck vs Olivier Grimard - MMA
2. Katriel Bowles vs Jordan Carriere - MMA
1. Russell Granados vs Jamesky Batien - MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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