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Montreal Fight League 14
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card:

Aurelie Crapez vs Mylene Lortie - 125 MMA
Alexandre Noiseux vs Zachary Baldwin - 125 MMA Title
Martin Zaanoni vs Isaiah Shapre - 135 MMA
Ali Mehdina vs Adam Sako - 135 MMA
Liam Gallagher vs Dylan Magner - 135 MMA
Antonio Cappello vs Vincent Guenette - 145 MMA
David Doucette vs Olivier Poisson - 145 MMA
Blake Loxton vs Patrick Arseneau - 145 MMA
Karim Ghaddar vs Jason Kim - 145 Muay Thai
Neil Touisi vs Mathew Jao - 145 K1 Title
Claude Lidji vs Kelvin Krause - 155 MMA
James Patry vs Edrick Paturel - 155 MMA
Mathieu Afan vs William Beaudet - 170 MMA
Francesco Lepore vs Jamaal Richer - 170 MMA
David Chevalier vs Marc-antoine Thibodeau - 170 K1
Jeremy LaTour vs Don Willis - 150 MMA

Note: No Commentators for this event

Poster and Selected Action

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