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Ohio Valley Wrestling #1139
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This week's OVW TV is off to a chaotic start before the cameras have even started rolling thanks to Omar Amir and L.O.B. Last week we saw Mayhem in our main event and those ramifications will be felt this week.

L.O.B (HyZaya, Big Zo, Steve Michaels) will take on Rush Champion Star Rider, Dustin Jackson and The Fanny Pack Kid Kal Herro. L.O.B are hardly ever in a good mood but after last week's event they have to be feeling particularly murderous. Can our triumvirate of heroes withstand their wrath?

We'll also see the Country Boy Brewing Kentucky Heavyweight Title Tournament continue when Tom Coffey takes on Reverend Ronnie Roberts! Can The Reverend defeat The Iron Bear or will it take a miracle for him even to survive?

Expect the unexpected! The always crazy and OVW's resident wildman William Lutz face off against "The Neon Ninja" Facade. This match has "jaw dropping maneuver" written all over it!

Also in tag action we'll see OVW Tag Team Champion The Tate Twins against The Box Office Blondes. Can Rex and Swayze get an upset win to find their way to title contention? Find that out and more this week only on OVW!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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