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Ohio Valley Wrestling #1146
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OVW has a huge episode in store!

We'll see Fatal 4-Way Women's Division action featuring Dani Mo, Dreamgirl Ellie, Harley Fairfax and Arie Alexander to determine a new #1 contender!

The tag division will also be on display when Dustin Jackson and Kal Herro take on The Box Office Blondes.

It will also be a night for scores to be settled because we have two grudge matches for the evening. Facade finally gets his chance to go one on one with AJ Daniels and in our main event the "King of the House of Luscious" Luscious Lawrence faces off with "Complete Package" Tony Bizo with OVW Women's Champion (and Bizo's girlfriend) Hollyhood Haley J handcuffed to an official at ringside!

Do not miss this week's OVW!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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