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OVW Live #1189
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We're just one week away from All Systems Go and the heat is turning up! Will this be the week that we find out who has been sending Shera gifts leading up to the contract signing for the National Heavyweight Championship at All Systems Go?

In a huge tag team double main event, Omar Amir and Matt Vine team up to take on their All Systems Go opponents OVW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Howe and Country Boy Kentucky Champion Jake Lawless while Level X prepares for their brutal Chained Carnage match next week by facing LOB!

In Rush Division action, Rush Champion HyZaya faces off with ZDP in what's sure to be a full speed classic! We'll also see the returning Dustin Jackson go one on one with Carson Drake!

Last week the PEC-Tacular Gunns began their second reign OVW Tag Team Champions and this week they're having the PEC-Tacular Gunns Championship Celebration! That can't sit well with the former champions and you have to think Dark Kloudz will be somewhere watching!

The #1 Contender to the OVW Women's Championship Hollyhood Haley J is in action against Shawna Reed and former champion Freya the Slaya takes on Hayley Shadows!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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