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OVW Live #1198
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OVW is on the way to a Riot on August 6th, but we're not waiting to get crazy!

This week we're throwing it all out there! Dustin Jackson defends his Country Boy Brewing Kentucky Heavyweight Championship against Joe Mack! We'll also see "Certified" Luke Kurtis put his Rush Division Championship against an enraged and untethered Jared Kripke!

Huge stakes in the Key to Opportunity match when Tony Gunn, Jessie Godderz, Eric Darkstorm, Deget Bundlez, Ryan Howe, Matt Vine and Kal Herro battle it out to retrieve the opportunistic key from the pole. That key guarantees the winner a shot at the OVW National Heavyweight Championship at a time of their choosing!

Dreamgirl Ellie is looking for a taste of revenge against Michelle Green after a blindsided win last week. They're currently tied 1-1, who will come out the winner? We'll also see OVW Women's Champion Leila Grey in action against Shalonce Royal!

FIlling out an already stacked evening, Ca$hflo goes one on one with Blanco Loco for the first time, Crixus returns for an absolute hoss fight against Big Zo. TW3 looks to get some payback when he takes on Tony Bizo and Omar Amir looks to battle the darkside when he takes on the possessed Lustful Lawrence with Amon in his corner!

Sarurday Night Riot may be on August 6th, but this night...Chaos!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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