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OVW Live #1222
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After Nightmare Rumble we've seen OVW absolutely turned on its head. Mr. Pec-Tacular and Shannon The Dude have assembled the strongest and most influential members of the roster, like an OVW Illuminati, with EC3, Shera, Luke Kurtis and Adam Revolver! Will we find out what the grand plan is for this sinister six this week?

Hollyhood Haley J is fresh off running the gauntlet and winning the Women's Nightmare Rumble but this week she faces "The Unstoppable Danged" Leila Grey! Also in action, Alice Crowley teams with Freya The Slaya to take on Arie Alexander and Tiffany Nieves!

The Outrunners will be spinning into action against Big Zo and Gnarls Garvin and Crixxus returns to take on "The Star of the Hush Division" Tony Evans!

A new #1 contender for the Rush Division Championship will be determined in a fatal 4-way with Kal Herro, Star Rider, Hyzaya and Maximo Suave!

At Nightmare Rumble we saw Tony Bizo embarrassed by the antics of The Dark Reverend and this week he's looking for revenge. The Roya Family are in a six man tag against The Fallen in this first-time-ever matchup!

All this and more this week on OVW Live!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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