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OVW Live #1230
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OVW is back again this week with action top to bottom!

OVW Women's Champion Shalonce Royal takes on one of the best today, Dream Girl Ellie! Luke Kurtis will be looking to regain momentum after losing the Rush Division Championship when he takes on Manny Domingo!

Tony Gunn has had a rough several weeks and this week will be no different as he prepares for a smash mouth encounter with Eric Darkstorm!

Crixus and Shera are on a championship collision path and this week, they sign the contract! Can these two hold themselves together long enough to sign?!

Big Zo and Gnarls Garvin scored a win at March Mayhem, but can they beat the former champions Omar Amir and Luscious Lawrence?

New Rush Division Champion Blanco Loco is set for action against TW3 this week while Haley J, Jada Stone and Tiffany Nieves take on Leila Grey, Alice Crowley and Freya The Slaya!

Hyzaya is returning to Davis Arena this week to face The Faction's Adam Revolver! We'll also see the "Championship Celebration" of The Outrunners!

Recently Kal Herro picked up a win over EC3 and now he wants a rematch! EC3 demanded a match against The Fanny Pack Kid this week as our main event!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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