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OVW Live #1207
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OVW is continuing the nightmarish run to NO REST FOR THE WICKED on October 29th and we're certainly not resting this week!

Mr. PECtacular and Tony Gunn have spent weeks trying absolutely decimate one another. At OVW: Redemption Godderz and Revolver were able to steal the win over Gunn and Omar. You've gotta think Gunn "The Arkansas Roughneck" will be out for blood at OVW!
Al Snow has vowed to bring Jack Vaughn challenger after challenger until someone beats him for the Kentucky Heavyweight Championship. This week, it's one beefy task! Vaughn is set to defend his championship one on one against Outrunner Turbo Floyd!

The Fallen have continued their dark crusade across OVW and at Redemption…it escalated. Not only did The Fallen add its first female member in Shawna Reed, the unholy alliance cast Crixus through a table wrapped in barbed wire, effectively injuring the Scottish War Machine and putting him on the shelf. How will "The King of Juice" Luscious Lawrence react his battered friend?

Last week at OVW: Redemption Manny Domingo earned his opportunity to go one on one with Luke Kurtis this week in a non-title bout. The champion has never seemed more confident but, if Manny can pick up what some would call an upset win, you have to think OVW management would be considering a title opportunity in Domingo's future!

All this and so much more, this week on OVW Live!

*lineup subject to change

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