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OVW Live #1238
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We're orbiting All Systems Go on May 25th and this week we're readying the ship!

How will Shalonce Royal and PJ Jones respond to Dream Girl Ellie's itch powder prank from last week?

Tony Evans will try to "Hush!" his opponent Luscious Lawrence when they go one on one! But, is "the juice" too loud to be silenced? TW3 is looking to climb the Rush Division rankings but first he must get through man who used to be at the top of that mountain, Star Rider!

This week will play host to another Country Boy Brewing Kentucky Heavyweight Championship Tournament qualifying match when Matt Vine squares off with "The Scottish War Machine" Crixus in a first-time-ever bout!

Tag matches don't get much bigger than this week's hour one main event! Tony Gunn teams with Jack Vaughn in an attempt to do some damage to the egos of The Faction when they take on Shera and Luke Kurtis!

It's speed versus strength when Will Austin goes one on one with OVW legend CashFlo!

Hyzaza has been watching The Faction from the shadows as of late. This week he steps into the light to do battle with Adam Revolver!

Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum are jet skiing their way back to Davis Arena for another Outrunners Retro Lounge! Their guests this week are Hollyhood Haley J, Leila Grey and Tiffany Nieves!

Jessie Godderz demanded a rematch against Kal Herro after Herro picked up a huge upset win just two weeks ago. Can Godderz avenge his loss or is this Herro's time to climb the ladder?

All this and more this week on OVW TV!

*lineup subject to change

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