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OVW Live #1243
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OVW will be feeling the effects of Damage Control for some time to come! But this week, the show moves on and it's one hell of a show!

Leila Grey returns to Davis Arena this week to face off against a woman who has been gaining a lot of momentum as of late, Dream Girl Ellie! This could easily be the match of the night!

It's power vs speed when the OVW Tag Team Champions The Destroyers will be in action against lightning quick pairing of Semsei and TW3!

The Outrunners return with a new Retro Lounge! Who will "The Youngest Men Alive" enlist to help get them back on track?

Tiffany Nieves is looking to beat the songs out of Shalonce Royal and her lawyer PJ Jones. This week she'll get her chance when she goes one on one with "The Fighting Siren"!

Shannon The Dude and Joe Mack are back when the Mack Attack Challenge again this week! Who will step up and try to win Joe Mack's sack of cash?!

Blanco Loco has faced a lot of opponents as a fighting champion, but this week is something different. "The Sultan of the Sky" goes to battle with the demon child of The Fallen, ZDP!

Star Rider has had a myriad of issues with Will Austin as of late and he's looking to settle things when they go one on one. This time Manny Domingo, someone who isn't a stranger to either man, will be the special guest referee.

Kal Herro thought he had the Rush Division Champion where he wanted him before the interference from El Venganza at Damage Control! This week, Herro looks for revenge against OVW's newest Rush Division addition.

CashFlo has waited weeks to get his hands on EC3...and now he gets his chance. "The Attraction" has vowed he will not be chopped...can "The Proprietor of the Chop Shop" make him break his promise?

All this and so much more this week on OVW!

*lineup subject to change

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