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OVW Live #1248
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The embers are still burning from the fireworks at Independence Rage and the action will be on fire this week!

The Faction were victorious in the Sole Survivor Tournament but cracks have begun to show in the group. How will they react to the big win and what happens next?

Will Austin is looking to prove he's the leader of his new found trio with Star Rider and Manny Domingo and this week he'll face TW3 to prove it. Can "The Future" out maneuver "The 80's Baby"?

Tony Evans scored an unexpected win weeks ago over Crixus. This week Evans challenges "The Scottish War Machine" for the Country Boy Brewing OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Championship! Can Evans make his critics "Hush" by winning his first championship in OVW or will Crixus continue to reign as "King of Kentucky"?!

The new OVW Rush Division Champion Kal Herro is in action this week against Jared Kripke! Can Herro keep his momentum going or will "Big Whiskey" score a career changing win?

Omar Amir triumphantly returned last week to a deafening response from the Davis Arena fans! This week he goes one on one with The Dark Reverend! The Fallen love destroying beloved things and this week they get their chance!

The OVW Women's Champion Hollyhood Haley J faces an old foe and former champion this week when she steps in the ring with Leiula Grey! Who will reign supreme the battle of "The Boujhettoest Baddie" and "The Baddie"?!

All this and so much more this week on OVW TV!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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