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OVW Live #1260
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The world is talking about OVW and this week is the perfect example why!

It's Youth vs Experience when Donovan Cecil takes on Tony Gunn! Can Donovan Cecil somehow overcome the veteran instincts of Tony Gunn or is there a KillShot in The Mammoth's future?!

The Nightmare Cup Tournament will return at a soldout No Rest for the Wicked! This week we will have a Tag Team Battle Royal to determine who will get a bye in the historic tournament!

The 80's Baby is set to do battle with The Veteran this week! Can TW3 pull off the upset of the century when he faces OVW Heavyweight Champion Jack Vaughn?!

Blanco Loco made his surprising return to Davis Arena last week and sided with Will Austin! This week he returns to singles action against a man he knows very well…Star Rider!

Last week The Indian Lion refused to join the assault of Jessie Godderz. Will we get some answers from Shera as to why he refused to join the beat down with The OVERmen this week?

Will Adam Revolver and Shannon The Dude finally get what's coming to them when they take on Kal Herro and the woman who has watched him grow from a baby to a worldwide superstar, Linda Kay?!

Hollyhood Haley J has had enough of The Bad Girls Club and is looking to chop off the head this week, even if she has to put her championship on the line in order to do it! Can Tiffany Nieves secure first first taste of championship gold or will Hollyhood Haley J continue her boujhetto reign?

All this and so much more this week on OVW!

*lineup subject to change

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