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Rage in the Cage 61
Brad Faylor vs Tony Lopez
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Rage in the Cage 61 will put Oklahoma MMA in the spotlight with the fight card of the decade!

Brad Faylor vs. Tony Lopez 265 lbs
Brandon Phillips vs. Diego Pichilingue 135 lbs
Randy Ramirez vs. Tommie Britton 205 lbs
Zikica Krsmanovic vs. Manuel Delatorre 155 lbs

Kieran Mitchell vs Dalton Boyd
Marcel Caldwell vs Keith Jenkins Jr.
Rob Storkson vs Claude Wilcox
Austin Morrris vs David Mccright
Jeremy Miller vs Jimmie Chastain
Gabe Rednose vs Cody Ledbetter
Christopher Bryant vs Dylan Needham
Isaiah Armstrong vs Sunny Dass
Benjamin Molina vs Nick Obrien
Krista Camarillo vs Aranda Dass
Austin Loza vs BJ Gainer
Ampu Mustafa vs Aric Mercado
Tucker Halstead vs Ryan Kelly
Caleb Nutty vs Rudy Del Toro

Poster and Selected Action

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