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Rage in the Cage OKC 69

* Available in the United States
* No replays


Pro Fight Card:
Morgan Solis vs Nicole Smith - Main Event
Tommie Britton vs Tyler Jones - Co-Main Event
Bryan McVea vs Dan Lewiz - Kickboxing
Wade Smittle vs Tyson Southern

Amateur Fight Card:
Aranda Dass vs Garsyn Nash
Danny Draft vs Myron Reeves
Karl Wolfwood vs Carlos Burell - NoGi Grappling
Michael Caleb Horner vs Warren Williams
Jeremy White vs Cody Isaacs
Jahaven Morse vs Dason Hicks
Sly Staxx vs Andrew Schilling
Christian Omega vs Edward Cowell
Trystan Tabor vs Montrell Shaw
Jimmie Chastain vs Daniel Fortin
Robert Storkson vs Dylan Needham - NoGi Grappling

Poster and Selected Action

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