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WKO 10 Year Anniversary World Championships
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


This tournament Marks 10 years since the WKO ,some of the greatest fighters from Japan and around the world come together in a closed door environment to compete in front of some of the greatest masters in the world today to determine who is the strongest karate fighter in WKO. This event is full knockdown karate rule. Also on the card The current WKO title holders and each division put their titles on the line against each other in a two round knockdown karate bout with no extensions allowed to determine which champions are truly the best in the world today.

Masato Fukuchi of Byakuren vs Jr McInnes of Shorin Kempo for the Light weight world title

Tenta Onondera Kyokushin vs Sina Najafi for the WKO World jr Middleweight Title

Takasugu Naito Byakuren Vs Montana Dezhpasand for the WKO world Heavyweight title

Tutu Nagata Byakuren vs Elder Ismailov Kyokushin for the WKO world Light heavyweight title

Yuri Fukuchi Byakuren Vs Asghar Jabari Shorin Kempo for the Wko world Middle weight champion title

Never before has there been such a lineup of champions fighting each other

Poster and Selected Action

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