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Roll in the Cage BJJ
Hunter Colvin vs Bubba McDaniel
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
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On November 7th Roll in the Cage BJJ is live on FITE straight from OKC Farmers Public Market in Oklahoma! The fight card is full of Gi and NoGi matches. You can check all fights below:

200lbs Black: Hunter Colvin vs Bubba McDaniel – NoGi
190lbs Black: Brian Grinnell vs Luke Woodard – Gi
160lbs Black: Justin Overton vs Todd Walling – NoGi
190lbs Brown: Karl Wolfwood vs Cameron Padilla – Gi
160lbs Brown: Tavares Collins vs Nick Hurtdo – Gi
160lbs Brown: Randy Valadez vs Jeremiah "El Corazon" Mendez – Gi
165lbs Brown: Hannah Hugo vs Teara "The Villain" Lewis – NoGi
160lbs Brown/Purple: Santos Vargos vs Diego Pichilingue – NoGi
170lbs Purple: Dan Weber vs Jared McLoughlin
190lbs Purple: Kris Vereen vs Robert Storkson
190lbs Purple: Teagan Dooley vs TBA – NoGi
170lbs Purple: Wade Smittle vs Tommy Schultz – NoGi
205lbs Purple: Scotty Ellison vs Alex Ryan – Gi
150lbs Blue: Angela Trotter vs April Thompson – NoGi
155lbs Blue: Adelaide South vs Cayla Checorski – NoGi
130lbs White: Caleb Nutty vs Jacob Reeves – NoGi
160lbs White: Jordan Hays vs Micheal Hiltman
90-95lbs Yellow/White: Kyndslee Miller vs Katherine Galleposo

*fight card is subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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