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Money Fight Movie
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
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In Money Fight: This movie is a story about an immigrant family and their struggles and focuses on their son who redeems himself through the sport of MMA. This story is authenticated with the true Reyes family with Ernie Reyes Jr., known for his incredible martial arts skills and his stunt work in The Rundown, against the leading role.
Also in the cast is a five-time undefeated Ultimate Fighting Champion - Frank Shamrock, known for his mouth as much for his deadly submission holds and strikes, plays a villainous trainer who will do whatever it takes to win, even by giving his fighters high-performance drugs. Such a character is relevant today with certain high-profile fighters testing positive for steroid-use in the MMA arena.

Maria Conchita Alonso as Maria Sanchez
Ving Rhames as Gene
John Savage as Harbin Rask

Directed by
Adam Boster and Kenneth Chamitoff

Kenneth Chamitoff

Also in the cast
George Takei, Ernie Reyes Jr., Matthias Hueс, Fernanda Romero, Joe Nieves, Chris Casamassa, Sara Downing, Matt Riedy, Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza, Brett Gipso, Rob Mars, Lisa Canning, Arnold Chon, Kathy Long, Vic Chao, Stephen Quadros, Paul Lacovara, Ernie Reyes Sr., Susan Savage, Steve Brockman, Jean Claude Leuyer, Adam Boster, Lee Reyes, Leslie Garza, Dan Severn, Frank Shamrock, Mirron E. Willis, Dave Vij, Ken Takemoto, Trampas Thompson, Mario Orozco, Kim Do Nguyen, Teresa Noreen, P.D. Mani, Robert Almodovar, Destiny Reyes, Kenneth Chamitoff, Joseph Sun, Ki Reyes, Marques Mallare, Espirit Reyes, Billy Guardino, Jace Boster, Lisa Cannin, Sean Gilvary, Steve Ochoa, Shonie Carter , Gray Maynard, Anthony Gooch, Stephanie Hasegawa, 'Crazy' Bob Cook, Tyson Griffin, Hector Rodriguez , Margie Betke, Tina-Elena Martinez, Al Ichikawa, Natalie Guardino, Chris Divera, Jermaine Andre, Shane Kawamura, Mario Aguja, Jay Holmes, Stephen C. Ray, Pedro Collns, Mark Skizak, CeCe Taylor, Martin C. Alvillar, Joachim DeDekin, David Medina, Randi Ray, Crystalina McMartin, Tony Lyndelli, Joe Soltis, Joe Beale, Lorri Connard, Dilenia, Grullon, Lorenzo Moran, Marvil Michaels, Sophia Chamitoff, Lauren Levine, Matt Connard, Brian Go, Anthony Brashears, Tony Thompson, Jeff Davidson, Jessiah, Rueckert, Brian Bennett, Cornell Taylor, David Fitzgerald, Breanne Reese, Smitesh, Parmar, Alex Khanbabian, Matt Garcia, Riz Angel, Brenda Darling, Gary Merlo, Russ Rocchi , Jose Esparza, T.J. Quicksilver, Alexander Chamitoff

Poster and Selected Action

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