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1998 - As told by Vince Russo


The Attitude Era has become a benchmark in WWE
history, universally agreed to signify one of the
most successful eras in the company's history.
This year would rivet us to TVs, eagerly awaiting
Stone Cold's next move against his nemesis and
chessmaster Mr. McMahon. 'Smart marks' would
just as eagerly await the Tuesday morning ratings.

So as seemingly everyone was awaiting something,
our guest for this edition of Timeline
was trenched down with Vince
McMahon, busy helping create
what would shock us next Monday.
Join WWE's former head writer
Vince Russo and head inside the
locker rooms, writing meetings,
and everywhere else once restricted
and relive the era that breathed
new life into wrestling's biggest

Dealing with Shawn...Choppy choppy pee pee...
Brawl for All...Working with Cornette...
Beating WCW...Birth of The Rock...
Foley off the cell...Sable's bikini...
DX in the tank...Socko...
Plus more...more...