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1989 - As told by Brutus Beefcake


We're still in the 80s and we're flying high! Hogan is still
drawing his legion of fans and the WWE is running 2,3, and
even 6 (yes SIX) shows in a day. Things are good
and Hogan's best friend in the business would get his
highest profile run, albeit in the form of a very odd gimmick.

Brutus Beefcake had become "The Barber" and was
struttin' and cuttin' his way to headlining Summerslam
with Hogan against Savage and Zeus. Yeah, remember him?!

Go back in time and relive yet another chapter in the
ongoing history of the world's biggest federation, and
fill in another year in the 80s on your Timeline shelf!

Rise of Ultimate Warrior...teaching Zeus...
birth of 'The Barber'...the Pat Patterson flag...
Tully and Arn...Scary Sherri...cutting hair...
Dr Zahorian...Dusty Rhodes, Common Man...
plus MORE!!!