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1992 - As told by Bret Hitman Hart


The Ric Flair phenomenon wasn't turning out to be
what Vince had hoped it would be, and five names
were put on a list to be the new flag-bearer for the
world's largest wrestling federation. And one of those
names is here to take you back to a troubled time
in WWE history, but a great time for himself.

The Excellence of Execution himself, Bret Hart
joins us for a journey back to the year he
became the World Heavyweight Champion
and took off on a singles journey that truly
made him a pro wrestling legend.

It's a tough time in the WWE as scandals
are surfacing and sending the business on a
downturn. The kid-friendly product is being
hampered by allegations of sexual misconduct
and steroid use. But Bret would be the breakout
star and deliver what juiced up monsters
could no longer.

Flair...Davey Boy's troubles...Nails vs. Vince...
Patterson and Garvin...WBF fails...Liz and Randy...
the Barber Shop window...Lawler's crappy crown...
road agents...Owen...Neidhardt...
Plus more...more...