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1999 - As told by Sean Morley


The edgy, dark product that was gracing WWE
TV in the mid-90s gave birth to a towel wearing,
adult film character named Val Venis. The man
behind that character was Sean Morley and the
year 1999 would see a high-point for Val...as he
won the Intercontinental title.

But celebration would be short lived as a parents'
group trained their crosshairs on the risque product
and the "Right to Censor" angle was born. The porn
star was gone, and the new clothes just didn't fit
Morley or his aspirations. We go back to another
year in the TIMELINE!!!

The Owen Hart tragedy...lawsuits galore...
Kurt Angle debuts...Smackdown premieres...
musical belts...TV-14...Rick Rude dies...
Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara jump...
Right to Censor...The Intercontinental title...