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1960s - As told by Bruno Sammartino


In early 1963, Toots Mondt and Vincent J McMahon
seceded from the governance of the NWA and formed
a company called the WWWF. And shortly thereafter, they
would crown their champion and hang the fortune of their
venture on him. That man will be your guide for a
journey back to 1963 and the formative years of the WWWF
up through 1969.

Bruno Sammartino was
selling out houses all across
the northeast for the period
and he was privvy to all the
inner workings of the
company. Now join him
as he fills you in on all the
power players, power plays,
and the names and events
of the 1960s in WWE! At last
here is this long-awaited
edition of the Timeline series
to place in the first slot on
your Timeline shelf!

An invitation from NY...Buddy Rogers...MSG...
Monsoon...working the schedule...going Broadway...
working NWA cities...Thesz...Jersey Joe...
Altimore, DeNucci, Pugliese...live TV...
the Toots/Vince dynamic...more...