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1994 - As told by Sean Waltman


This Kid was ready to impress everyone on the
biggest wrestling stage in the world, and also make
some very powerful friends as well. It's 1994, the business
is preparing to rebound in a couple of years, and the guys
are jockeying for position for that ride.

Sean Waltman will take you back to that year in another
edition of the Timeline series. Bret and Lex are vying
for footing at the top, while Nash, Shawn, and Razor
are ready to get the world's attention. This was such
a critical time in the formation of the Kliq, and Waltman
will show us how it happened.

Nash's breakout...Shawn and Scott's ladder match...
Owen turns on Bret...Taker vs Taker...
Make-a-Wish kids...Boris Malenko's passing...
Injuries...Backlund does the job...