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1981 - As told by Rick Martel


Atop the tag team division in the WWE in 1981
stood a fiery youngster and his brother figure,both
of whom had the looks and the brawn to bring
fans to their feet all over the Northeast. They slammed
Moondogs, battled Samoans, and were high-flying
champions full of excitement.

Head back to 1981 with Rick
Martel and enter the locker
rooms walked by Vincent J.
McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon,
Capt Lou Albano and the
legends of yesteryear. This may
have been a simpler time in the
business, but the lessons learned
were hard, and so was the road.

Come into the venues of yesteryear and see who was getting
over and who wasn't. This is the real deal...a time with no
cable TV, no pay-per-view, and one hour of syndicated TV
per week...and the arenas were packed.