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1980 - As told by Larry Zbyszko


1980 in the WWF. Business isn't so hot. Backlund
isn't drawing the houses they thought he would and
business is moribund at best. That is, until a young
Larry Zbyszko proposes an idea to his mentor that
would change the course of the federation, and
make the career of Zbyszko himself.

This journey into 1980 is an incredible illustration of
how Bruno Sammartino gave Larry Zbyszko the
education of a lifetime in both the construction of
the "Shea Stadium" program, as well as how to play
the game of politics with the heavy hitters, like McMahon.

No one saw the impact this angle would have on the
gate at Shea, the direction of the company, the shadow it
would cast on World Champion Backlund, and the heat
and hatred Zbyszko would have to get used to living with.

Relive the angle that re-ignited the biggest
federation in the world...from the INSIDE...from
the angle's conception, to holding McMahon up
for more money. This dangerous game of chess was
being controlled by Bruno and now you'll be able
to live it in amazing detail!