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1977-78 - As told by Superstar Graham


It was before Hogan, before Ventura, and before charisma
counted as much, perhaps moreso, as mat skills. It was
1977 in New York and Bruno's run would soon come to an end.

Enter The Superstar...

Superstar Billy Graham burst onto the scene in the WWWF,
unseated Bruno Sammartino, and rewrote the rulebook
for pro wrestling heels. And now he wants you to join
him on a journey to that pivotal year, where he'll tell
you everything that was happening within the walls of
the largest wrestling federation in the world!

We pick up the action in April
of 1977, just before Graham gets
the strap, and we follow the action
into 1978, when Backlund takes it.

The Sammartino title change...the McMahons...the 'Wiz'...
Japan...Backlund...the backroom dealings...
missed opportunities...Albano's antics...working the blade...
the TV tapings...

...all that and EVERYTHING that was happening in 1977/78 in WWE!!!